Company Name:
Key Responsibilities
o Engage third party software vendors to execute successful certifications as it relates to data flow between products.
o Maintain testing environments and test cases (manual and automated)
o Serve as technical POC for third party development organizations.
o Troubleshoot connectivity and data issues as presented by third parties.
o Escalate questions/situations to SME's (e.g. R&D) as needed after exhausting other avenues to answer/resolve.
o Drive continuous integration with existing software development processes.
Key Competencies
o 1 year experience with object oriented application development. Experience can be in the form of defect fixing, level 2 support, or prototyping roles.
o Working understanding of relational database concepts (does not need to be a DB expert). Technology platform in not important.
o Exposure to XML x509 security standards
o Ability to query existing relational databases using tools or existing SQL.
o Ability to interpret software application log files to identify error conditions.
o Ability to execute predefined test scripts and make minor modifications to existing test scripts.
o Previous experience with product interfaces (e.g. product API integrated with voice systems)

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